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Mitralhost offers a dedicated German server from Hetnzer and OVH data centers.

As you know, purchasing and providing services from foreign companies for various reasons, including sanctions,

The need for authorized and paid user accounts has become very difficult for Iranians,

Therefore, you are trying to provide quality dedicated dedicated servers to your loved ones by opening an account in a reputable foreign data center.

You can install a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems, C-panel theory hosting control panels, Direct Admin and Plesk, or a variety of virtual instruments such as ESXI and KVM on these servers.

The price of a dedicated German server varies according to the configuration of the server in the data center in question, as well as the daily price of the currency, and also the level of efficiency will bring you to the level of an agreement between the customer and the sales unit.

It should be noted that the delivery of servers according to the rules of data centers,

There is an existing server and equipment and different hours of the country and it can work from 24 hours to 7 working days. Also, the servers may not be delivered on the days of data center replacement.

You can show your esteemed by clicking on the link showing the servers of each data center,

Select the server and configuration you want and send the server details to the sales and financial unit

Order your service and get it delivered in the shortest time.

Also, if you do not know which server is suitable, you need to use it by sending a ticket with the subject of optional server consultation and explaining that you are preparing for the service.

Dedicated German Datacenter Hetzner Server

سرور اختصاصی آلمان دیتاسنتر hetzner

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Dedicated server of OVH data center Germany

سرور اختصاصی آلمان دیتاسنتر OVH

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